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A chance to own a unique part of London 2012 Olympic history and provide food for 50 orphaned children for a year. Click here to find out more: Msizi Africa started providing food support for 50 children in Lesotho after its founder, Lucy Caslon, spent some time working there in a children's home; it now supports four projects and 1,000 children in Africa.

In recognition of her work with orphans in Africa, Lucy was nominated to run with the Olympic Torch and now:

"instead of letting the Torch gather dust in my cupboard after my 'Moment To Shine' I want to take it to show my children and let them feel a part of this history too. 

"I'd love my Torch to leave a real legacy.  I'd like to pass my Torch to someone else in return for caring for the 50 children I met at this orphanage, for a year.  I want to give my children - my big extended family - their own 'Moment To Shine'."

Lucy wants to be able to continue working to support her children.  She is therefore looking for someone who feels as strongly as she does the importance of providing such help and who, although not in a postion to work 'on the ground', is able and willing to provide the funding so badly needed by Msizi.  If you are interested in supporting Msizi and Lucy's work, please look here for more details.

Lucy tells us about her torch experience below:

"My first thought was how much I wanted to take the Torch for my children to see! 

I was excited in the lead up to my big day, but very nervous when I realised how many people would be watching live and online - hundreds of thousands!  Seeing the crowds cheering was overwhelming and I was very choked up, but as soon as I stepped off the bus at my starting point and saw my family and friends at the front of the crowd, I relaxed.  My torch was lit, and I started to run ... it was incredible hearing the cheers and I had to slow down to a walk and even stop at one stage as the crowds were so big and closing in on me!  Everyone wanted a photo.  A woman came over to me with her newborn baby to have a photo with the Torch.  It brought together communities - everyone wanted to be part of it.  It was over so fast - it's all a blur.  When I watched it back on the internet and looked at people's photos I realised what I'd done!  It's such an honour to be part of the Olympic Torch Relay - I was a part of history. 

Have a look at Lucy's page on the London 2012 Olympic website.


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