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Buying this unique Olympic Torch will feed 50 orphaned children for a year. Msizi Africa was set up in 2007 by Lucy Caslon who spent time with 50 orphans in a children's home in Lesotho.  Wanting to help them after seeing their diet was limited due to a lack of funds, Lucy used her own funds to introduce more fruit, vegetables and meat to the children's diet.  Since then, with the help of a growing number of generous donors pledging support, Lucy has been able to go from caring for 50 children to over 1,000 in Lesotho, South Africa and Tanzania. 

In recognition of her work with the children, Lucy was nominated to be an Olympic Torch bearer, running through Sutton in South London on 23rd July.  Lucy describes her torch-bearing experience here.

Lucy now wants to use her torch to light up the lives of the children she is helping and to allow them their "Moment to Shine".  This is a wonderful opportunity for a committed philanthropist to help these children and in return receive Lucy's torch in recognition of their support of her olympian humanitarian efforts. 

To find out more about Msizi, please have a look at its website (http://www.msiziafrica.org.uk/home.htm) and if you are interested in understanding the workings of the charity in greater depth, please contact Lucy on +44 (0)7989 963 229 or email: lucy.caslon@msiziafrica.org.uk.


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